Product Attributes: 
Ball Clock:
Product Dimension (inch): L12.99*W12.99*H2.76
Package Dimension (inch): L13.8*W13.4*H4.3
N.W. (lb.): 1.1
G.W. (lb.): 2.2

Sunburst Clock:
Clock Dimension: Diameter 18.5 inches x Height 2.8 inches
Package Dimension (inch): L20.5*W20.1*H3.9
G.W. (lb.): 2.75

Eye Clock:
Clock Dimension: Length 29.9 inches x Width 13.4 inches x Height 2.8 inches
Package Dimension (inch): L32.7*W16.1*H5.5
N.W. (lb.): 4.4
G.W. (lb.): 11.68

Star clock:
Clock Dimension: 
Diameter 23.62 inches x Height 2.95 inches
Package Dimension (inch): L28.0*W28.0*H6.3
N.W. (lb.): 4.74
G.W. (lb.): 11.71

Kite clock:
Clock Dimension: Length 21.3 inches x Width 16.3 inches x Height 4.3 inches
Package Dimension (inch): L23.2*W17.7*H4.9
N.W. (lb.): 3.53
G.W. (lb.): 8.26

Steering Wheel Clock:
Clock Dimension: Diameter 11.8 inches x Height 2.95 inches
Package Dimension (inch): L13*W13*H3.9
N.W. (lb.): 2.5
G.W. (lb.): 2.98

Asterisk Clock:
Clock Dimension: L10.03*W10.03*H2.95
Package Dimension (inch):  L13.8*W13.8*H5.5
N.W. (lb.): 2.2
G.W. (lb.): 3.97

Block Clock:
Clock Dimension: Diameter 11.8 inches x Height 2.95 inches
Package Dimension (inch): L14.6*W14.6*H5.5
N.W. (lb.): 2.5
G.W. (lb.): 5.51

Petal Clock:
Clock Dimension (inch): L10.03*W10.03*H2.95
Package Dimension (inch): L21.1*W21.1*H5.1
N.W. (lb.): 1.76
G.W. (lb.): 5.28

Spindle Clock:
Diameter 22.44 inches x Height 2.95 inches
Package Dimension (inch): L25.2*W24.4*H5.9
N.W. (lb.): 1.65
G.W. (lb.): 7.5

Suitable Places: 
Living Room, Leisure Area, Office, Meeting Room, Club, Waiting Area, Dining Room, Bedroom, Leisure Areas, Work Place, Hall, Coffee House, Hotel, Villa, Club

 No Heat

Product Story:
The Ball Clock was designed by George Nelson (1908¨C1986) in 1948 and is widely considered to be one of his most beloved design creations. All the charm of the antique, but this beauty features a modern mechanism to keep it working for years to come. The bright, colorful style is certain to add a friendly, playful touch to your home. George Nelson was an American industrial designer, and one of the founders of American Modernism. He was one of the pioneers of modernism, and his designs, which are still popular today, epitomize the perfect balance between form and function. Nelson created over 150 iconic clocks and the Ball clock is the most recognized of his works. 

Belief in progress and growing economic prosperity were central aspects of the American way of life around 1950. Everything seemed possible, and people strove to be 'modern'. With the aim of bringing modern design into American homes, George Nelson conceived a wide array of everyday objects: lamps, clocks and other domestic accessories. Up until the 1970s, the Nelson office created many different items for the home, including the 'Bubble Lamps' and the 'Ball Clock', which became icons of mid-century modern design.
The Wall Clocks are available in a diverse range of forms and materials. Equipped with high-quality quartz movements, they offer a refreshing alternative to conventional clocks. The perfect model can be found for every occasion among the wide selection of different designs.

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MLF George Nelson Clock

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